Friday, June 7, 2013

So you think you can....

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I get to welcome the masses! Hello and thanks for coming aboard Lyrical Lit. Publishing.

When I started out writing, I never knew how hard it would be. What was all the fuss about right? I can do this. I got this. No problem.


I had not one clue about anything whatsoever. The funny thing about it all is that I still don't have much of a clue about anything, even now. I just go with the flow and hope it works, crossing my fingers and praying until my head bursts.

Ah... but you say, you're almost there! Sooo close, look how far you've come! Okay, so yes. I'm a few steps further than when I started, but I'm still learning and I'll never stop learning. This not only is my day job, it's also a learning experience twenty-four seven! Heck, I'm back in school and I didn't even know it. The last place I wanted to be.

Soooo, when you see an author saying that they've made it and it's all done and going super well, go ahead and snicker and shake their hand, tell them, okay sure. You made it. You're that bestselling author you always said you'd be. Why not right? It's a point. Why? Because, know this...

That's bull! It's never over, you've never quite made it, you never stop learning, never stop seeking out ways to make things better, to get your stories out there to network your fingers to death until they bleed. The moment you stop peddling your precious things (in an author's case- their books) that's the moment that the fall is not that far from you. Might as well throw yourself off the cliff now cuz you won't see it coming.

In the meantime, in between time. Let's enjoy the ride right? You deserve it! Especially after working those fingers to the bone. Yes I'm the ever optimistic pessimistic and I often contradict myself. So happy writing and readers...happy reading. It's a wild ride and I'm in, all the way. Hope you are too.

~Alexia Purdy


  1. I have only cudos and praise for all you wonderful authors. You are all blessed with talent, lots and patiences and good imagination. I appreciate all of what each of you go through in bringing a work of your art into our hand.

  2. Alexia I have to agree with everything you said. It's so true. My dream is to be one day published. I'm currently a fan fiction writer, but this is where my dream was born. It took word of mouth, and promoting my own work, through social media to get the following I have. Now I'm working on an Erotica story that, I would never have know I was capable of. I wish you the best of luck as your journey continues.